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Marvelous 30 Ingenious Backyard Home Office Ideas and Designs

Home offices are becoming an indispensable feature of the modern home. The prevalence of personal computers, internet connectivity and work-from-anywhere setup has led to the need for a home workspace. The home office location and design are crucial to efficient work. Privacy, security and peace and quiet are the top considerations when deciding on the […]


Impressive 30 Stunning Fire Pits you can Buy Now!

Do not let the cold weather keep you indoors or cancel your garden barbeques and parties. The perfect fire pit will provide warmth and light up your outdoor spaces. They are also great accents to gardens, backyards and other outdoor spaces. Pick a fire pit that will compliment your landscaping and fit your needs. Chase […]

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Great Maximalism vs Minimalism: Beauty in Extremes

Minimalism is clean, restrained and cool, maximalism is raucous, bold and warm. The minimalist is efficient and precise, while the maximalist is extravagant and flamboyant. Interior designs tend to lean to either of the two extremes and no design theme is ultimately better than the other. It will all depend on the designer and the […]


Amazing 35 Luxurious Bathroom Ideas and Designs

The posh and magnificent bathroom – all to yourself or with your better half. Expansive, opulent and painstakingly designed. Bask in the ultimate luxury indulgence. Bathrooms also need to be sensibly designed for maximum comfort and space efficiency. Whether you are renovating a bathroom or designing a new one, you can find design inspiration from […]