Impressive DIY: Coffered Ceiling Project

Here is another project to dress up your home, this time the ceiling. Coffered ceiling reminds of the Old-English affluent elegance. It adds character and depth to any room. Coffering is also brilliant to hiding unsightly exposed beams and other ceiling imperfections and to modernise a dated ceiling. Coupled with strategic lighting, coffered ceilings can […]


Wonderful DIY: Shabby Chic Furniture

Home design and styling trends are slowly going back to the rich, creative, and beautiful. Odd pieces of fine-looking shabby chic furniture are showing up to add character to the drab minimalism of today’s home interiors. While the clean lines and basic colour palettes are still trendy, you can inject an interesting and rich personality […]

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Awesome 50 Moroccan Interior Design Ideas

Create your own Moroccan haven by injecting vibrant colour, exotic patterning and luxurious texture into your interior design with the following 50 ideas! 1. Blue Shades and Patterns This room exudes a style that is distinctly Moroccan with the cool blue shades of the ocean and intricate patterning.  2. Medallion Headboard Add a touch of exotic to […]

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Best 40 Floating Shelves for Every Room!

When it comes to shelving, floating shelving displays have become a popular choice seen throughout modern interiors, emphasising clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Inspired by their hidden brackets and suspended form, we’ve compiled our favourite 40 floating shelving designs and how they compliment contemporary spaces.  1. The Rustic Kitchen Display Adding warm redwood, cherry, […]

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Best 60 Inspired Home Office Design Ideas

Home offices are now a norm to modern homes. We all have acquired technological gadgetry, mobility, and mastery. We now work, play, socialise, communicate, and do business with computers. Thus, the need for home offices. Whether you are planning on adding a home office or renovating an old room into one, here are some brilliant […]


Amazing 55 Front Verandah Ideas and Improvement Designs

Your home’s front verandah is the face that people see from the kerb. Your home will be judged by what they see – your front lawn and verandah. A drab verandah will likely lead to a boring home and an uninspiring interior. Here are 50 great front verandah ideas and upgrade designs to easily improve kerb […]